Why is my Fish Tank Cloudy?


Aquariums not only look beautiful but they also keep our mind fresh. You can simply watch the different activities of the fish in the water to get rid of the stress. In order to have a neat and clean aquarium, you have to maintain it regularly. There are many types of fish, which can hardly survive even in the slightly dirty aquarium. It is normal that even after trying hard, your fish tank may get cloudy. But there are some major reasons behind this. It is very important to know about the reasons why the fish tank gets cloudy. Bacterial colonies are responsible for this. In an aquarium, there are lots of nutrients present that bacteria can consume. With the help of such nutrients, they can easily grow and increase their counting in many folds.

You should recognize the activities of your aquarium if it is getting cloudy. It is quite possible that due to the blooming of unwanted bacteria, your aquarium is getting cloudy. But this is not only the reason because there are several other factors which can also cause this problem. But no matter what the reason is behind the cloudy fish tank, it looks really dirty and unhygienic. Visitors may not be able to watch the beautiful decoration and fish of your aquarium. Thus you should seek timely remedies of the various reasons behind the development of such bacteria in your aquarium. It is necessary to remove such problems from your aquarium to maintain the appearance and beauty.

 Excessive quantity of food

It is quite possible that your fish food is full of the nutrients which are required by the bacteria colony to develop and grow fast. Most of the time, aquarium owner did not notice about the exact quantity of the food requirement of fish and through the excessive food in the water to feed. Most of the time fish don’t consume most of it and it gets dissolved in the water. Later bacteria consume it and reproduce in many folds. In order to remove this problem, you should pay close attention towards the exact quantity of the food requirement.  Never throw the excess food in the water to remove this problem.

Large school of fish

In a small fish tank, this problem occurs more often. If you will put too many fish in a single tank, it is quite possible that your tank may start getting cloudy. This happens because of fish poop. The fish poop also contains the required nutrients for bacteria. They can consume them and grow in many folds. However, such process is not harmful to the fish in the way. They only make the substance useful by dissolving in a natural way. This is a natural process in and not harmful for anyone in any way. But this distorts the beauty and aquarium.

Make your aquarium new again

You should also understand the fact that light is also a source of energy and many bacteria will love to stay near such lighting system. Never install too much lighting system in your aquarium.  We hope by following these remarkable tips you can lower down the problem of the cloudy aquarium and make it looks brand new again.