Taking Care Of Clown Loaches & More Useful Tips

Are you wondering what kind of fish will look stunning in your freshwater aquarium? Without any doubt that you can choose the clown loaches. This fish is famous and look very beautiful in the freshwater aquarium. The best part is that this fish is very peaceful and never fights with any tank mate usually.

Do you still have any doubt? Well, don’t worry we are going to explain the correct method of taking care of this fish type through which you can keep this fish in your aquarium without any problem. It is very important to know about the nature of this fish to take a good care of it. The first thing that you should know is that these fish stay active in the daytime. In addition to this, it is not very difficult to take care of this fish and thus it is highly likable by the majority of the people. This fish is also famous by the name Botia fish because its scientific name is Botia macracanthus.


Check aquarium from every aspect

There are few things that you should consider in advance when you are going to buy this fish. You can start with the right size of the aquarium. In case you are willing to pet the clown loaches in your aquarium then you should have at least 100 liters / 20-gallon aquarium. The other thing that needs your attention is the maturity of these fish. Usually, they are sold when they are very young. You should also know the fact that a fully grown clown loach might have more requirements. For an adult, you might need to have larger size aquarium which must not be less than 540 liters / 125 gallons.  The next thing that you should consider is the type of interior that you must have in the aquarium.

Interior of aquarium

The interior of the aquarium is also a factor for the clown loaches fish. As we have already mentioned that it is active only in the daytime and rest of the time, it prefers to hide at one place. As per their shy nature, they prefer to have a habitat where they can hide.

While installing the aquarium for them you should choose rocks in very good quantity. There must be a perfect blend of plants, driftwood, and caves where they can hide after the daytime. In simple words, you can understand that there must be lots of places to hide. So you should do as much decoration as you can. They feel very nice and comfortable when they get a place to hide when they are not active. You should also not choose the extremely fast light for them to make them feel comfortable and natural.

Water purification

Clown Loaches are not made to survive in the poor water condition. You should make sure that enough filtration is installed so that they can survive well. You can also choose the blend of high quality mechanical and biological filtration. For the betterment of their health, you should install aquarium powerheads as they love playing in currents. Powerheads aren’t only great for clown loaches, many fish benefit from the current. Low-quality water conditions will lead to them catching ich as they are fishes more prone to this disease. Catching ich can often lead to death if not treated.