Should You Feed Your Fish Live Food?


The food aspect is very important when you have fish in your aquarium. It is necessary to have enough knowledge about the balanced diet of fish and live food for fish. This way you can also keep them healthy and fit always which is necessary. There are great advantages of feeding them live food with the best nutritional values. Most of the time, people are just curious to know what kind of different food is available in the market that you can feed to your freshwater aquarium fish. Well, there is nothing to worry about on this matter because a wide range of fish food is available in the market. You can simply visit the local pet store to explore the wide range of fish food. It is possible that you will get various types of brands and their products to choose from. Hardly people know that you can also nourish aquarium fish by feeding them live food like worms and vegetable base items.

Benefits of live food

The live food is full of essential nutrients which are very beneficial for the fish and they can live a more healthy life. There are some other food items also available which you can feed to them like dried foods, vegetables, and other products which are based on vegetables. This also depends on the type of fish that you have in your aquarium. You should also pay close attention to their diet and need to have nutrients. According to this, you can decide about the type of food which is necessary for them. There is no doubt that by including the live food and other variety you can certainly feed them well. But you should also explore the other sides of live food. It is better to know about them before making a choice in this regard.

Cons of Live Food

There is no doubt that live food is the best source of energy for your fish. But you must understand the fact that it is very expensive. For this, you might have to spend more money on the maintenance of your aquarium. Also, another factor to think about are parasites and diseases that live food may carry. This can get passed down to your fish and cause sickness or even death.

Variety of live food

There are many types of live food in the market which can opt for the aquarium fish. Brine shrimp is very popular live food which is available in the market. You can buy this food and feed the aquarium fish for balanced and well nutrient diet. The reason why we are advising you to use this as fish food is its richness of nutrients. These small worms are full of protein and very beneficial to fill the appetite of your fish. The best thing about these worms is that fish can eat them in any stage of their life.

Aquarium fish always need a great amount of vitamin A and vitamin D for the overall development. For this, you can also several other kinds of worms to them. You can also feed them bloodworms and micro worms.  Here you should know the fact that blood worms are nothing but a kind of mosquito larvae.