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Should You Feed Your Fish Live Food?


The food aspect is very important when you have fish in your aquarium. It is necessary to have enough knowledge about the balanced diet of fish and live food for fish. This way you can also keep them healthy and fit always which is necessary. There are great advantages of feeding them live food with …

Why is my Fish Tank Cloudy?


Aquariums not only look beautiful but they also keep our mind fresh. You can simply watch the different activities of the fish in the water to get rid of the stress. In order to have a neat and clean aquarium, you have to maintain it regularly. There are many types of fish, which can hardly …

Taking Care Of Clown Loaches & More Useful Tips


Are you wondering what kind of fish will look stunning in your freshwater aquarium? Without any doubt that you can choose the clown loaches. This fish is famous and look very beautiful in the freshwater aquarium. The best part is that this fish is very peaceful and never fights with any tank mate usually. Do …