The Hidden Perks of Aquarium Powerheads

If you have a freshwater or saltwater tank, having a good aquarium powerhead is an essential piece of equipment many people don’t see as necessary. They’re also known as circulation pumps and they are commonly used for water movement in an aquarium sump.

Movement in your aquarium is important for the flow of oxygen within. Without the supply of healthy gas in the water of the aquarium your fish might not live for their full life. It may sound very tedious task to maintain your aquarium. But we can help you to keep it simple by following some simple steps. For this, it’s also very important to know about the function of powerheads in an aquarium.

Functioning of Aquarium Powerheads


For healthy fish, water must flow constantly in every direction of your aquarium. For this usually, powerheads are present. They keep the circulation of the water good and provide an excellent living environment. However, without enough rotation this is not possible and why you should have powerheads in your aquarium. They are like a small-sized submersible water pump and work nicely for any aquarium.

The uses of these pumps are highly recommended when you are starting or already have a saltwater or marine tank. Saltwater fish NEED water movement similar to the ocean because without it, they’ll develop fatty tissues (from lack of exercise) – seriously.

Structure and Designs

There are several types of powerheads available on the market but you should choose carefully. You should also check the gallon-per-hour of the powerhead to make sure that it will properly maintain flow in your aquarium. For this, you should take the size of your aquarium and use that as a base (most powerheads will have the recommended tank size on their box). It’s also critical to notice the fact of how many fish you are going to keep in your fish tank. The more fish you have, the larger aquarium you’ll have through which you can keep the water moving in every corner of your aquarium.

Necessity for all Aquariums

You should also be aware of the fact that protein skimmers must be set to rotation mode. To circulate them in any aquarium, there is nothing better than circulation pumps. The need of proper powerheads also increases by tenfold when you are heaving a saltwater aquarium.

In Conclusion

The aquarium can add tons of beauty to the place where you display it. Keep in mind that you should maintain it on the consistent basis to keep everything in check. It’s quite possible that without enough care it may look dirty and unappealing. In a hygienic environment your aquarium fish can stay alive for a longer period of time.

Fish are very sensitive to the atmosphere they live in. It’s very necessary to keep their surroundings clean and healthy. Fish cannot manage to control their body temperature on their own. Due to all these factors, it’s highly necessary to install the proper equipment so you can offer them a better environment to live in.